Rick D. FUNERAL Singer

Rick D. FUNERAL Singer

Music at the funeral, cremation or other funeral ceremony is often used today. Many times certain songs had special significance for the deceased or the next of kin. And live sung music has much more impact and is a lot more personal than playing  a CD or recording.

Rick is happy to sing those intense songs with passion during the ceremony. It gives reflection and comfort and allows family, friends and acquaintances to share in the love for music and its meaning.

Because Rick D. Funeral Singer has such a super large repertoire in both the Dutch and English language (and some German, French, Portuguese and Italian), chances are that this favorite song or the song with that special meaning can be found in his songlist. Use the ‘seach’ field and enter the title or name of the artist or band. You will immediately see whether the song in question is included.

Of course that can also be multiple songs, as often happens during a funeral. This can take place in a church at a funeral, or in a crematorium at a cremation. Or occasionally in a different place where a special commemoration or ceremony is held in memory of the deceased.

There are even funerals in which the deceased has determined that his ceremony may lead to raising a glass and a small party for celebrating the life lived. And so it happened…

In all these cases Rick D. Funeral Singer can assist you. Because his passion for music and singing is as great as life itself. And he is only too happy to share it.