Rick Sings over 2000 Songs in Many Styles of Music
Rick Sings Over 2000 Songs in Many Music Styles

Rick is not just someone who sings…. No!

Rick is an Enthousiastic Performer. For him Singing is his PASSION ! With his very broad taste of music and his warm and bright voice, Rick sings almost any genre or style of music. Be it country, rock, pop, reggae, hard rock, funk, soul, blues, motown, acoustic, folk, jazzy, latin, easy listening… ‘the singing chameleon’

Rick is especially in his element when he can sing beautiful and melodic songs, mostly during sessions in hotels and resorts, bars, restaurants and clubs, coffee breaks or in-between meetings, for companies, receptions, product presentations, trade shows, fairs, charity events, ‘older’/more-mature-of-age people. But he is also very experienced and perfectly suited for anniversaries, jubilees and private parties, on barbecues, weddings, birthdays and swinging events. Even rock & blues bars are his domain… Talking about versatile and multiple employability

The sound level doesn’t have to be high at all. As a professional sound engineer Rick knows how to make the best sound under any circumstance and also in ‘low sound level’ events, where the public can have a normal conversation with each other without having to shout…. Rick will be ‘a pleasure to the ear’……
Rest assure that this Singer can please almost everybody with a repertoire of over 2000 songs (!) in many different styles.

To put this amount of songs in perspective: if Rick would sing 4 hours on a performance night, he could do more than 30 shows WITHOUT repeating one song…..! How’s that for a change?

Unique and very special is the possibility to do THEME NIGHTS or shorter THEME BLOCKS.

Theme Night choices:

  1. 60’s music
  2. 70’s music
  3. 80’s music
  4. Romantic & Easy Listening (Valentine)
  5. Tropical Night
  6. Gala Night
  7. Country Night
  8. Disco Night
  9. Folk Night
  10. Rock Night
  11. Alternative Rock Night
  12. Elvis Presley Show (1,2,3 or 4 hours)
  13. Dutch music & Dutch Bands (meer informatie hierover? Klik hier)
  14. Karaoke Night: Rick is your host and sings in between your guests (over 25.000 karaoke songs available – only English)

During these theme nights all the songs will be in the respective theme, including the music before and  after the performance and in between the breaks; meaning that you don’t need to search for the right music that night…… Everything is being taken care of by Rick.

For more detailed information on Theme Nights, click here.

Theme Blocks choices:

  1. 60’s    70’s    80’s
  2. Easy Listening
  3. Country
  4. Motown
  5. Disco
  6. Reggae
  7. Romantic Love Songs
  8. Folk and Acoustic
  9. Rock
  10. Blues
  11. Hard Rock
  12. Latin & Salsa / South American
  13. Michael Bublé
  14. Rolling Stones
  15. Elvis Presley
  16. Beatles
  17. Dutch Music   (meer informatie hierover? Klik hier)
  18. Karaoke: your guests can sing themselves (over 25.000 karaoke songs available – only English)
Rick Sings over 2000 Songs in Many Styles of Music
Rick Sings Over 2000 Songs in Many Music Styles
  • Over 35 years of singing brought Rick to all sorts of places:
    Hotels and Holiday and Golf Resorts in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal and now Thailand
  • Private Parties, Weddings, Jubilees, Aniversaries, Company Parties, Receptions & Conventions, Openings and Presentations, Restaurants and Fairs, Private Clubs, Meetings/Lounges/Bars, Barbecues and Markets, … and soon in YOUR PLACE
  • Rick sang for over 30 years with his (now ex-) wife in a professional singing duo ‘Music 2 You’
  • Rick also sang lead parts in several musicals
  • He loves close harmony vocals (singing together is só nice…hahaha)
  • Rick has done over 2000 live performances on stage
  • He has played in a few live bands and acoustic groups (vocals, guitar, percussion)
Rick Sings over 2000 Songs in Many Styles of Music
Rick Sings Over 2000 Songs in Many Music Styles

Sound Engineer

  • Rick is a professional sound technician with loads of experience
  • He had his own sound and light rental company
  • He did mobile recordings and mixing jobs (both front-of-house and monitor mixing: floors, wedges & in-ear)
  • Experience in both analog and full digital equipment in mixers and equalizers, noise gates, compressors, limiters, programming, automation
  • Rick still likes to ‘do’ his own sound and always creates the best possible sound in the circumstance
  • Even special effects, video and (programmable) lighting systems are within Rick’s domain and knowledge.
  • Rick followed several coarses on professional sound engineering
  • Later he became a teacher himself; teaching live P.A. sound in all its facets, including hands-on mixing sessions for over 12 years
  • Rick has broad knowledge of audio, lighting, video, special effects, websites and (internet) marketing
  • Stage Manager  (also handy: he speaks English, German and Dutch in full. And reasonably French and a little Portuguese)
Rick Sings over 2000 Songs in Many Styles of Music
Rick Sings Over 2000 Songs in Many Music Styles

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